What is gray tortuga?

gray tortuga is a one-stop-shop for parents considering and actively teaching their children Spanish and/or Mandarin Chinese alongside English. Check out our about us page and spend time learning about the benefit and the journey of children learning another language. We currently offer a wide range of products in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (simplified), and English. Some Mandarin products are available in characters only, characters + pinyin, or both. You can discover more on our blog

Why only Spanish and Mandarin (simplified)?

We are currently focused on Spanish and simplified Mandarin. There are so many languages to love (Bulgarian, Hindi, German, Korean, Flemish, Farsi, and French just to name a few). And science tells us that children's brains benefit from learning a new language, any language. We chose to start with Spanish and Mandarin given the number of people in the USA and around the world who speak and study those languages. Check out the languages for a look fun facts and figures. 

What is a gray tortuga?

gray tortuga is the name of our company and our brand. It also represents each one of our children that we are bringing along on the language journey. We deeply believe that staying on the language journey pays off just like the tortoise that beat the hare. The popular fable transcends languages so the turtle, the tortuga (Spanish), or the 龟 guī (simplified Mandarin) is a symbol of tenacity and wisdom in many languages and cultures. Science proves that this tenacity pays off and language acquisition increases the density of the gray matter in our children’s brains. Each child on this journey is a little gray tortuga that we hatch, love, and teach to give the best possible start. 

Why are the products for children infant to age 11?

The 'best' time for children to learn another language is from birth to age 11. Age 11 is the end of 5th grade, often the end of elementary school, and before children begin adolescence.  Changes in brain chemistry and structure make it more difficult to learn another language after a child passes through this critical developmental window. We have designed our products for parents to use with their children from birth to age 11 which represents the critical language acquisition window. However, many parents find these products useful for their older children and themselves, at various stages of the language journey.  

What is the shipping policy for customers based in the USA?

We want to make the shipping process as transparent and painless as possible. If your cart at check out is over $100 then shipping is free. Anything else is a flat $7.99 rate. We use USPS First-Class Shipping which will arrive in 1-3 business days. If you need the products immediately you can select 'Priority Mail Express 1 Business Day' and the shipping is automatically calculated for you by USPS to select. 

Can I buy gray tortuga products if I live outside of the USA?

Not at this time. We currently support shipping only within the USA. If you found us from another country and are interested in our products please get in touch at learn@graytortuga.com.

What is the exchange policy?

Anything that is damaged we will exchange and cover return shipping. First, email us at learn@graytortuga.com, to tell us what happened. Please send pictures of the shipping box and/or damaged product(s). Second, we will provide you with the exchange authorization and instructions for you to return the damaged products. We will send you the new products. 

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the products or have changed your mind for any reason you can return the products for a full refund within 30 days of the date of purchase. First, email us at learn@graytortuga.com, to tell us you would like to return the product(s). Second, we will provide you with the return authorization and instructions for you to return the damaged products. Finallywe will refund your credit card within 30 days of the receipt of the returned products. Please note: You are responsible for the shipping cost to return the products and used or damaged product will not be eligible for return.  

When will more products be available? 

We are constantly searching, testing, and creating new multilingual educational products. Sign-up to receive announcements from gray tortuga or check back on our site. If you have ideas or suggestions for new products email us at learn@graytortuga.com 

How can I support featured educators, artists, and companies?

In addition to buying products on gray tortuga, there are other ways you can support multilingual education. Many of the people and groups featured on our website sell other products or work in related areas. For example, Lil'ollo (pronounced Lil’ as in Lil’wayne and ollo as in follow) and Uncle Goose, offer their products in a variety of other languages. Susy Dorn runs a network of Spanish immersion preschools in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our partners are featured our our partners site where you can read all about them and their offerings. 

Where do I find more support advice?

Follow our blog and the resources section of the website. If there is something specific you need please email us at learn@graytortuga.com