Begin Again toys

BeginAgain has been creating eco-friendly, battery-free toys for children with sustainable wood, bio-plastics and natural rubbers since it’s inception in 2011. BeginAgain creates some of their toys with bilingual words and numbers and offers those at gray tortuga.

China Sprout

ChinaSprout's mission is to offer the best Chinese educational and cultural products. Since 1999 China Sprout has been working to meet the needs of a growing community interested in the Chinese language based in the United States


Immedium reaches a new generation of readers with multicultural and multilanguage books. Based in San Francisco, CA since 2004, Immedium publishes books ranging from eye-catching children's books to contemporary non-fiction, including commentaries on art, popular culture, and multicultural issues.

Kidkiddos books

In KidKiddos Books, we believe in magic of reading. Designed for parents and kids to enjoy together, our multicultural books celebrate tradition through native language, matching each story with the English equivalent for every family to enjoy and learn. With over twenty languages, our colourfully illustrated bilingual and monolingual books have large print and are perfect for beginner to intermediate readers 3 to 9 years old. Each story aims to help young language learners master their literacy skills through relatable stories about love, growing up and friendship, teaching new skills and introducing new ideas.

Language Preschools is focused specifically on preschool language immersion programs in the U.S.A. by compiling and connecting immersion preschools with parents and each other. You can find language immersion schools in every major city in the United States, and even in many smaller cities and rural areas. Most are equipped to care for children as young as 18 months. Many run through elementary, middle and sometimes high school. Language Preschools is run by Kaci Schack, Mom of children in German immersion preschools and author of The Language Immersion School Handbook: Advice from a Monolingual Mom Raising a Bilingual Child (2017).


Leap66 is dedicated to helping Chinese language learners follow their dreams in Chinese language, culture and career.  Their objective is to bring the best in news, educational articles, career ideas and products The Leap66 team consists of non-native Chinese learners as well as native speakers with over 22 years teaching experience at the university level.  Together they hold advanced degrees in Asian Languages & Literature (Chinese), Linguistics, Education Administration and Chinese Pedagogy.Check out Leap66's Mandarin magnets (simplified characters only) available here at gray tortuga.


Lil’ollo is centred around connecting families with languages, play, travel and more. We design beautiful, fun and engaging learning products, and share helpful resources and information on our blog. Create a world at home to learn languages and explore the globe through play, with our games, flashcards, maps and posters. Come over to our website and join our freebies club We send out free products and helpful resources every month right to your inbox.

Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry® was founded in Minneapolis by a songwriter with writers block and has now sold over one billion word word tiles growing from the Original Kit to to foreign language and kid friendly creations.

Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose makes awesome wooden blocks in a variety of designs, themes, and languages. They handcraft every set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using choice materials from around the Great Lakes, and uses non-toxic, child-safe inks. They are 100% made in the USA by a group of hardworking and fun craftspeople that love inspired

While They Slept

While They Slept is dedicated to screen-free, open-ended play for all children and designs and creates educational felt story sets that are used in schools and homes. Felt story sets, like the Fruits & Veggies Bilingual set available at graytortuga, encourage pretend play, which is important work for children as they develop a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. It also reinforces previously learned concepts and allows children to explore new roles, situations, and relationships. Felt play offers a visual and tactile experience for children of all ages that stimulates the senses, encourages active-listening, lays the groundwork for literacy and improves comprehension. For more information about felt play and While They Slept or to find a wide range of felt story sets, visit their website at

Wordy Toys

When two parents in Brooklyn wanted to introduce their daughter to words, they started labelling objects around the house. The problem?…She would peel them off. So Wordy was born! Wordy’s mission is to create a World of Words where children learn to love and recognize words, languages and culture through engaging toys that fill their environment. Wordy aims to be a toy company of the times, filling a hole in the toy industry by providing hands-on, no-tech toys with a bilingual focus.