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A Little Mandarin

‘A Little Mandarin is a beloved children’s CD by artist Toni Wang that makes China seem ‘not so far away’. Toni was born in Shanghai to a home filled with music. She moved to the U.S.A with her family as a child. She pursued various musical and non-musical careers. While raising her children trilingual with her French-Canadian husband she struggled to find high quality Mandarin Children’s music similar to children’s music in English and French. While running a Mandarin playgroup and exploring Chinese music options she realized she had to make her own and created ‘A Little Mandarin’.

Fortune Cookie Mom

The Fortune Cookie Mom provides information, resources, and printable educational products for teaching Chinese at home. She has been featured on a variety of sites such as Teachers Pay Teachers. Po Tim King, a former Chinese and music teacher, has degrees from Brigham Young University in Utah, U.S.A. She now resides in Hong Kong where she homeschools her Chinese-Japanese-American children in English and Chinese.

Maribel Suardy

Maribel is a singer and songwriter integrating Spanish and English into fun and easy to learn songs. Her CD 'We Are Little Amigos' was created for parents and children alike to learn Spanish. Maribel was born and raised in New Jersey from Dominican parents speaking Spanish at home. When she became a Mom she wanted to share the gift of a second language and found that many parents in play groups felt the same...although they did not speak Spanish. Maribel created 'We Are Little Amigos' to be used in playgroups and at home with young children.

McWong Ink

Michele Wong McSween is the author of the Gordon & Li Li book series.  Michele is a mom, fashion designer, author and a fourth generation Chinese American. She resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Steve and three boys – Walker, Harry and Stevie.  Michele holds degrees from University of California at Berkeley and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Growing up in Sacramento, CA, she never learned Chinese and wanted to be sure her own boys were confident with Chinese language and culture. After enrolling them in early-learning Mandarin classes, Michele looked for appropriate Mandarin bedtime reading and found that little was available.  She created Gordon & Li Li with an appealing, simple and modern design aesthetic that would engage kids and parents alike.

Susy Dorn

Susy Dorn is an educator and musician. Since moving to the USA from Lima, Peru in 1999 she has dedicated her life to teaching Spanish to children by integrating music and language learning. Her first CD, Cantemos en Espanol, was released in 2003. Susy has created several CDs, DVDs, and books to help children and their parents learn the Spanish language in a fun and effective way. Susy founded 'Let's Play in Spanish' which has expanded to three award winning preschools. The musical based curriculum she developed has been used in preschools, elementary schools, and in parent participation programs. 

Susy can be found performing her songs to thousands of children all around the San Francisco Bay Area and relaxing with her husband and daughter at the beach, often with her guitar in hand. 

Dan Strauss

Dan loves cool products. Since 2007 Dan has had his own company sourcing products for clients and integrating design using his photography degree from the Colorado Institute of Art. Dan loves exploring the world through photography with his wife of 28 years and 2 adult children. At home in California Dan spends time with Buster, his Chocolate Lab, and Sam (shown in photo) a California Desert Tortoise, who has been in the family since 1968.