Check out all of our products in Mandarin Chinese (simplified). Some are Mandarin alone while others include English and/or pinyin.
Music for children in Mandarin Chinese, kid's Mandarin music Quick shop
5 fine point dry erase markers in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese (blue, red, yellow, orange, green) Quick shop
Bilingual Book: The Year of the Dog Quick shop
Children's apron in Spanish or Mandarin and English, I love to cook Quick shop
Mandarin Chinese character magnets 240 common simplified characters Quick shop
Wooden dominoes in English and Mandarin Chinese characters and pinyin Quick shop

Chinese language dominos

$13.99 $19.99

Bilingual book (English and Mandarin Chinese): Gordon & Li Li Learn Animals in Mandarin Quick shop
Household labels for the kitchen in Spanish-English or Mandarin Chinese-English. Reusable and won’t leave a residue Quick shop
Household Kitchen item labels in Spanish and English or Mandarin Chinese and English. Quick shop
Felt board fruit and vegetable children's toy set in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese Quick shop
I can speak Chinese book and instructional CD Quick shop
Hand carved wooden blocks in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese Quick shop