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The importance of Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in the American workforce

Few people doubt that English has become the standard language of global business and education. A 2012 article from the Harvard Business Review states that, “it is not just that 1.75 billion people speak English at a useful level, but a growing number of multinational companies mandate English as the common corporate language”.  This rapid trend to English-only corporate environments will continue.  Since English is the fastest-spreading language in human history, and one in four people in the world can speak it, why should our children learn another language?

From a professional perspective, bilingual adults perform higher. From better jobs, higher bonuses, and overall career trajectory, employees that can connect in another language have more success. At gray tortuga, we affirm that children benefit from learning another language, any language, but we’ve decided to focus on Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Why?

Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are the two most common languages spoken in the word and the two most commonly spoken languages at home in the USA after English. Unlike past languages brought to America by immigrants that declined over time, the use of Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are on the rise. Educationally, language immersion programs are in great demand, and culturally ‘Spanglish’ and ‘Chinglish’ are becoming both relevant and influential. From a 2005 executive recruiter survey, 79% of executive recruiters cited Spanish, and 30% cited Mandarin Chinese as the most in-demand languages.  The global business landscape may run in English, but the people leading the charge increasingly will speak Spanish or Mandarin Chinese alongside English.

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Jennifer Gold

founder of gray tortuga, September 4, 2018


Sep 05, 2018

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