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Interview with Oliver Chin beloved children’s author

Oliver Chin knows children. He has children, and he might be a bit of a big kid himself. Chin is also children’s author and founder of Immedium Books, a San Francisco based publishing company, dedicated to inspiring a world of imagination. Oliver has spent his career finding authors and illustrators that can really engage children. In the process, he has become a beloved member of the San Francisco Bay Area community, working with parents and educators to publish relevant books for children. We sat down with Chin to understand how exactly Immedium Books inspires a world of imagination. “Children want to be a part of the experience – from the story to the illustration – they want to see themselves in the adventure” Chin explained.  

Chin’s child’s-eye view of the world and his integration with community from children and teachers to artists and families led him to publish books that are edgy, bilingual, and relevant. He has become well-known for his Asian-American lens and characters in his ‘Tales from the Chinese Zodiac’ series but his publishing company has a much wider range appeal. “All types of children can see themselves in these books and a variety of cultural influences are at play” Chin explained. For instance, in Good Dream, Bad Dream (Sueño Bueno, Sueño Malo), a story originally written in Spanish, a young boy prepares to go on a modern cross-cultural dream adventure that resembles a cross between the famous ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ with a super hero family take.

The books published by Chin and his Immedium Books team are on the cutting edge of a national trend to embrace and mix both culture and language. Movies like ‘Coco’ and ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ are likely the tip of the iceberg given box office success. National demand for language education continues to grow as evidenced by the increasing number of schools, apps, and programs. Beyond homes, schools, and popular culture, organizations like Global Language Project (GLP) are ensuring young children in underserved communities have access to second language learning. Children and their parents want creative, culturally-rich books, and Oliver Chin is providing them.

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Jennifer Gold

founder of gray tortuga, November 28, 2018

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